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3D trademark for square chocolate package (BGH I ZB 105/16)

A shape of a good can be protected as a trademark if the average consumer perceives it as a distinctive sign of a business. However, if the shape of the good is directed to an essential property of the goods, it is excluded from trademark protection because of § 3 para. 2 German Trademark Law. Is it now possible to protect a hose-type packaging of a square chocolate, or is this an unfair monopoly of an essential property of the chocolate mold? [more]


USA: Showing of lack of written description requirement (Amgen v. Sanofi – CAFC)

Wide claims must be supported by a representative number of examples. The person skilled in the art should be able to carry out the invention on the priority date. Evidence to prove whether or not the person skilled in the art was able to carry out the invention in view of the state of the art must lie before the priority date. A court of first instance in the US had rejected post-priority evidence as a matter of principle. The Court of appeals ruled more differentiated. [more]


Germany: Delimitation between exhaustion and re-production (FCJ X ZR 55/16 – Drum Unit)

If the patent proprietor has put his patented product on the market, he cannot use his patent again to prevent the buyer from having this legitimately acquired product repaired by third parties or from reselling it to third parties. This is the legal principle of exhaustion. But what happens if the patent refers to only part of the product? Can a third party renew the product for resale? [more]


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