We are competent in the field of Patents, Trademarks and Designs and we develop appropriate IP-Strategies for the needs of our clients. To enable our clients to achieve their goals in an effective and efficient manner, we pursue a thorough analysis in each case, we propose proactive solutions which we communicate in a concise manner.

Germany: Delimitation between exhaustion and re-production (FCJ X ZR 55/16 – Drum Unit)

If the patent proprietor has put his patented product on the market, he cannot use his patent again to prevent the buyer from having this legitimately acquired product repaired by third parties or from reselling it to third parties. This is the legal principle of exhaustion. But what happens if the patent refers to only part of the product? Can a third party renew the product for resale? [more]


Grips 2018/1 – The PCT Application

Exactly 40 years ago, on January 24, 1978, the International Patent Cooperation Treaty came into force. It regulates the procedure for depositing an international patent application and is known today under the abbreviation PCT. From initially low registration numbers, over time it has risen to a level of significance that no one would have thought possible. [more]


Germany: Invalidity due to inadmissible extension of claim (FCJ X ZR 63/15 – digital book)

Once the patent application has been filed, the maximum scope of protection is also set. It is not only important to have the right wording of the claims. Claims may well be changed during the course of the examination. Also important is the description, because it defines what one has to be understand to be part of the invention. In its judgment "digital book" the FCJ deals with the question under which circumstances the originally terminology may be generalized. [more]


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Do you have an innovative project that has a competitive edge? Do you want to develop and protect your branding? Are you looking for advanced strategies in using industrial property rights? Or do you have to defend yourself against an alleged infringement?

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We asses the protectability of inventions, trademarks and designs, we analyse infringement risks. We draw up comprehensive patent applications and propose filing strategies that are effective but still affordable. We govern examination and registration proceedings with the assistance of our international network of excellent Patent attorneys. read more...

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Patent and Trademark law require a high degree of specialisation. Our 8 patent attorneys have university degrees in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Mathematics and cover a wide spread field of technical expertise. We have a long standing experience in all questions relating to patent, trademark and design rights. Our two full-fledged offices in Bern and Winterthur/Zurich enable us to serve you at your preferred location, offering all type of professional and administrative support.

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