Grips 2018/4 – Trademark types

Brand protection is essential today. However, many are unaware of the possibilities that the modern trademark law provides

As a business you strive to present a memorable brand identity to your costumers. This image principally consists of slogans, stories, pictures, colours and characteristic product shapes, locations, premises, furnishing, employee conduct etc. As in a good painting, only select elements will occupy the foreground while everything else is used as a fitting backdrop.

Today the internet is an important channel of communication. Here, not only the ideal world is reflected, but a new reality is created. Interactive multimedia presentations can be used. Moving Images exude a dynamic appearance. The deep sound backdrop gives a sense of gravitas, synthetic characters (e.g. Mr. Clean) personify the advertising message. When you conduct successful marketing, however, not only your customers but also your competitors take note. They will ponder what drives your success.

When they find the driver, they will try to use it for themselves. While some only adopt the idea and keep a respectful distance, others will deliberately try to freeload.

How can trademark protection lend support in such situations?