Patent Law

Rightly, the patent is known as a major instrument for providing strong protection. We perform searches for prior art or infringement risks, assess the patentability of your ideas, draft patent applications, conduct grant and opposition proceedings, analyze third parties' IP rights and defend your interests in cooperation with specialized attorneys at law in patent litigation.

Trademark Law

In the context of today's cut-throat competition the trademark gains more and more importance. In order to safeguard one's economic investments a reasoned trademark policy is required. We conduct worldwide availability searches, assess the protectability of signs, conduct registration and opposition proceedings, negotiate coexistence agreements, manage your trademark portfolio and provide for enforcement of your trademark rights.

Design Law

One of the main advantages of design registration is how simple and fast a registered right may be obtained. However, despite all simplicity one should not overlook its pitfalls. We advise you when designing or choosing the illustrations to be filed and look after the country-specific formalities when registering or extending designs. Again, we are on the spot when design rights are to be enforced.

Integral Client Support

For more and more clients a patent attorney is not only a service provider that is consulted from time to time but a general contact for all IP questions. With your integral approach and our world-wide connections we provide you support not only in specific patent, trademark or design questions but also in general strategic or organizational issues (cooperational IP management, monitoring services, licenses, transfers, etc.).