Our philosophy


The origin of successful client consultancy is to understand your goals. Our technical and legal knowledge allows us to provide a precise analysis of the case. Based thereon we assess and identify the available case-specific courses of action.


In cooperation with you we gather the guidelines for the further proceeding, and we identify strengths and weaknesses of the available possibilities. Based on our experience and our knowledge of new legal developments we can assist you in defining your optimal strategy. We aim at solutions that have a well balanced longterm cost-benefit ratio.


We have the means (human power, international contacts, deadline monitoring systems) for transferring the planned measures into action. We get involved in our tasks with endurance and work forcefully to bring the proceedings and conflicts to an end that is in line with your goals.


Over time the legal and factual framework may change. Our structured reports allow you to adapt to the changing environment. We constantly monitor legal developments and inform you about any relevant alterations.


The best intentions and goals are worthless if attaining them is made impossible by changed circumstances. If a realignment of strategy is necessary we take action and work out the measures to be taken to adjust the strategy to changed needs.