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The new Unfair Competition Act (AUCL 2018)

In 1993, China enacted its Unfair Competition Act (AUCL). Since then, the trademark law, the advertising law and the antitrust law came into force. This resulted in various overlaps with the AUCL1993. These are to be eliminated...[more]


Grips 2018/3 – Process Patents

A commonly heard opinion states: “process patents are weak because their infringement is difficult to prove!”, and there certainly is some truth to that: How could one determine whether the protected method is used behind closed...[more]


Japan: Grace period now 12 months

Japanese patent law, like most other countries, knows the absolute novelty requirement. This implies that even a prior publication of the inventor may be novelty-destroying. In order to save the patent-inexperienced inventor from...[more]

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